GV Jewels&Costumes was born in 2009 from the idea of Gianluca Volpicelli, an Italian designer and craftsman who specializes in designing and making jewelry and costumes for artists.

The mission of GV Jewels&Costumes is to reimagine the concept of beauty, a commitment that Gianluca has always followed with passion and dedication.

In jewelry, as well as in costumes, you can find a clear and iconic stylistic choice.
Continuous research and the desire to come up with more and more unique designs, leads Gianluca to a very precise knowledge of making unique items of the highest quality, resulting in precious artifacts.

GV Jewels&Costumes, not only creates products but also makes your wishes come true.
Today we have clients who commission us with unique and inimitable project ideas, finding in the craftsman's hands a perfect solution and attention to detail, fundamental characteristics of world-famous Made in Italy.